Getting Started

  1. Insert the NanoTech Foot Liberator into a comfortable pair of laced or sport shoes (not slip-ons).
  2. During the adaptation period, you may feel discomfort, pain, or nausea as your posture is realigned. If this occurs, do not extend the wearing time until the condition lapses.
  3. If you are already using other orthotics, we recommend you gradually phase them out as you adapt your feet to the NanoTech Foot Liberator.

Adaption Periods

This varies with the shape of your arch.

Arche Type 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week
A 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour 4 hour 5 hour
B 2 hour 3 hour 4 hour All day  
C 3 hour 4 hour All day    

Type A

Aged feet and/ or very high arches, or with existing heel pain. Adaption period is between 6 weeks to 3 months before the Liberator can be comfortably used all day.

Type B

Normal Arches.
It will take about 3 weeks for comfortable continuous usage.

Type C

Very young and/ or very flat feet. It will take 2 weeks to fully adapt for all-day usage.